‘Induction over the history of science suggests that the best theories we have today will prove more or less untrue at the latest by tomorrow afternoon.’ Fodor, J. ‘Why Pigs don’t have wings,’ London Review of Books, 18th Oct 2007

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Example of Liberal Myopia - Ekklesia again

Liberals often take pride in being more sophisticated than conservatives, especially conservative Christians who are occasionally seen as fundamentalists. But liberals can suffer from a very narrow minded, dare I say black-and-white, view of the world. Ekklesia for instance, again jumping into bed with humanists, see a direct connection between creationism and fundamentalism - they write that; 'Creationism, which rejects evolutionary science on the basis of literalistic readings of religious texts skewed towards fundamentalist world views.' http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/20162 

Many of the guys and gals in that organisation have degrees, so why the failure to engage accurately with those they criticise? Surely they can do better than this.  

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