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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dawkins gets it so wrong Down Under

The Uncommon Descent blog is reporting Dawkins' activity in Australia. Dawkins down Under

Dawkins is up to his usual trick of attacking Christian belief with little substance and fore-thought. He makes out that a world full of atheists would be sweetness and light, while religion is responsible for all the bad things that happen. He carefully overlooks the fact that atheistic regimes top the league table for numbers killed. This is because a world without transcendent values must make up its own, and who is to decide? The Humanist society, or a new Hitler or Stalin, or is it everyman for himself in a Darwinian utopia? Dawkins adopts broadly Christian ethics, although he doesn't admit it, but that need not be the case for atheists. If Dawkins and friends manage to get rid of Christian belief, then what moral conscience is going to stop the new pagans from banning atheism? Atheism attacks rational faith and merely opens the door for all sorts of irrational beliefs where people pray to trees and idols made by a craftsman.


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Dawkins was also in typical form on ABC-TV (the Australian national public-funded broadcaster), where he took it upon himself to deride a gently spoken Senator who happens to be a 'fundamentalist' Christian, but who treads lightly on matters of faith, seeking politically to support generic family interests. Happily a couple of other politicians pounded Dawkins for his sheer impoliteness (I think it was on that program that he likened Senator Fielding to 'an earthworm'). But earthworm? Surely the world view that can only answer final questions with 'it just is'; takes the earthworm view of things; that is it starts and ends with material. It is the Christian view that ends ultimate questions with a person, with love and with meaningful relationship!!

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This post on another blog deals with Dawkins 'down under' as well.