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Friday, 13 March 2009

Developing Ethical Stem Cells

The BBC is once again reporting that stem cells can be grown from existing tissue, without the necessity to destroy an embryo. Researchers also believe they have found a way of making stem cells without safety concerns. 01/03/09 BBC 'Ethical' stem cell creation hope

But a few days later new President of America Barak Obama has said that he will lift restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. 09/03/09 BBC What next for stem cell research?

Not only is this ethically questionable, it is also unnecessary when other researchers are already obtaining stem cells from cord blood and other tissue. Furthermore, there would appear to be safety fears relating to the growth of tumours that need to be overcome with embryonic stem cells. Many left thinking secular scientists appear happy with this development, heralding the benefit for scientific research with little concern for ethical standards that respect humanity. Of course it would be good to find cures for some, or all, heredity diseases, but this should be done within an ethical framework.
Andrew Sibley

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Anonymous said...

it's mid 2011...and baby Clark Kent is now a toddler...who can lift cars...

Like adult stem cells which can be made to perform like embryonic stem cells...but without the killing of an embryo...and without the crazy side effects...

And what more can toddler Clark Kent do when he is grown up? Likewise, the POWER of adult style stem cells is growing...what will they be in a few more years?

Maybe...a doctor will swab your mouth & develop the antidote to your disease...from your body to heal your body!